Research team

On the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University in Brno in collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Science MU, the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles Univerzity in Prague and the Faculty of Science at Charles Univerzity in Prague, we have been solving problems of competition in the rail services market in an… »»»

Bottlenecks in transport policy – the methodology of economic and political decision-making on transport projects

This is an automatic translation of the original Czech paper “Úzká místa dopravní politiky – metodologie hospodářsko-politických rozhodování o dopravních projektech” Paper presented at the conference “Development and prospects of transport systems in relation to the external environment – 2008″… »»»

Competition in Railway Services – Historical Experience and Limits of Contemporary Development in the Czech Republic

This paper was accepted for presentation at 10th INFER workshop “Economic Policy: Competition in Deregulated and/or Privatized Industries” held from 20th to 21st October 2006 at Université Montpellier I, UFR Sciences Economiques, Montpellier, Francie The question to be examined in… »»»